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Creativity is a hard thing to achieve, it doesn’t come naturally but with sincerity and hard work. At Crosscheck Communications we have what we like to call a creative philosophy which is based on commitment to innovation and excellence. With unswerving dedication to professionalism in hand with creativity, we have managed to bring out fresh concepts that have started trends in the advertising field.

Screening international trends together with our traditional heritage, Crosscheck Communications develops its campaigning strategies on assured yet creative foundations. Merging originality with practicality and relevance, the company has come up with a sure success method in terms of bringing about creativity.




The Creative Cell is filled up with people that are well versed in the advertising sphere. Keeping themselves updated with the ever changing trends of the advertising world, the Creative Cell always brings something new and exciting to the table whenever a new project is around the corner. The agency thrives on bringing fresh ideas and the license to explore but great care is taken not to lose sight of the objective. With latest visual techniques at hand their work is a genuine reflection of their personalities, every visualization represents the person behind it. The Creative Cell has all the creative responsibility whether it is concept planning and development, copy-writing, script-writing etc., no task is out of reach.

All this creative work and energy is supervised by a veteran Creative Director, highly qualified to get the job done in time and possessing exceptional creative skills that inspire creativity around the Creative Cell. Supported by a team of senior and junior copywriters, the Creative Cell is one of the main cog in the Crosscheck Communications machine.



The Computerized Graphic Studio is manned by a young and innovative team of 4 Visualizers and 6 Designers that are well equipped with the necessary techniques to tackle any challenges thrown at their way. With imaginative approach and skill to handle all sorts of tricky jobs, their work is without fail and always presented in the form of quality.




The Audio-Visual department is assigned with the responsibility of creating contemporary direction and production of Audio–Visual spots. The workforce in the department is well versed in the art of Audio-Visual concepts. With a background that involves years of experience, their concepts together with western techniques creates something extraordinary.

In our midst we have a team which is more than capable of handling all sorts of T.V commercials. Not only this, but we also hire services of other well developed production houses whenever the need arises. With latest technology at our disposal we have the means to create and produce imaginative T.V commercials, jingles and documentaries.



The Client Service department is there to help the client in every way possible and also to work with the creative group. Basically what this department does is to bridge the gap between the concept and the execution of that concept. The client service department establishes an intellectual connection with all the clients so that there are no difficulties with the project and also to fulfill their thought process and desires.

To coordinate the two elements and to achieve the main objective of fulfilling the requirements of the client, the department is commandeered by a Client Service Director and a team of Client Service Managers and Executives.




The Media Department holds the responsibility of proposing and executing all media plans for our clientele. Every campaign that comes to the doors of Crosscheck Communications is analyzed and weighed, only then it is executed to get the best out of it. To achieve the maximum at the minimum is the philosophy of the Media department.

To keep check and balance of all this work there is our Media Manager, who keeps friendly relations with the Media department and guides them in their task. Capable of bringing out their best and cultivating potential wherever he finds. He has the ability of getting full cooperation of the team in high stake tasks, the Media Manager is an integral part of the Media Department. The Media Department has two facets to it, the first being the Electronic and the second one being Press.

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